Employee Portal

With Smart Pay, it is all done for you!

Most of the information in a payroll comes from your employee and goes back out to them in the form of payslips and T14 reports. So we thought why not just give them access to it directly. That’s where the idea of the Employee Portal comes in.

Traditionally, giving employees access to their information in payroll or HR software has been impossible because it all lived in one place on a computer in the back office. But with Smart Pay giving an employee access is as simple as sending a single invite email. This will give the employee access to their whole payslip history, along with personal information stored in the payroll. Allowing them to pull down another copy of a payslip or let you know if any of their information is incorrect or out of date.

As well as viewing information the portal allows the employees to input time sheets and get them approved by a supervisor all in the same system. For hourly staff this gives you access to the approved time sheets directly in the payroll just when you need it.