Just some thoughts

The Right Level of Detail

There is a constant temptation to specify everything while assigning a task. This seems to make sense so everyone is on the same page, but if you believe in hiring people who know more than you, then these two ideas can come into conflict. Maybe the solution is to tell people less.

Git Workflow

Over the past few years, a lot of us have been thrust into working remotely and as the pandemic slowly starts to ease there is demand from some employees to keep working in the new way.

Does Your Office Still Need a Server?

If you work in a small office, the chances are that there is a grey box in the corner or a spare room that is on all the time and people try not to touch. Why?


This guide is for registering as self-employed as an Isle of Man resident.

How to Setup a Manx Company

This guide is for creating an Isle of Man company as an Isle of Man resident.